Finally Ignored the Gas Engine Long Enough

Your Gas is Old

Your Gas is Old

Even though I wrote a post about it, I was still surprised to see this message. I managed to run the car around only on batteries for the entire month and probably hit the gas few only a couple miles the month before. So the Volt did the math and realized that the engine really needed to run for ten minutes to make sure the fuel in the lines didn’t turn into jelly.

I would like this to be the only time I heard the engine, when it felt the need to run because it hadn’t run in so long.

There are new batteries in development. In particular a Lithium Sulfer model that looks like it would quadruple the density of the current Lithium Ion units. That would be perfect for me.

Smart Comparison

I really enjoyed this:



SolarCity came by with a camera crew and talked with me for forty-five minutes about the system I had installed back in 2008. They are going to use this on their website.


the Nest

The Classic

This is not strictly a post about the Volt, but I have decided this is my all-purpose technology blog as well. As a brief update: I have 6,500 miles on the Volt and I have put in twelve gallons of gasoline. So don’t bother putting in the Keystone XL pipeline for me, I’m trying to get off the pipe as much as I can.

(Google or a link might have brought you here so I’ll save you some reading and tell you that to install my Nest thermostat here in Los Angeles I used Bay Cities Heating. 310-394-3229. I talked to Sheryl in the office and Omar came and did the work. Both were very friendly, professional and great to deal with.)

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Video Stardom

Not really. But I am in a tiny section of this video by Alexandra Paul.

I need to write about turning in my CAB car and getting my own. I’ve been busy tooling around in the gorgeous Diamond White Volt, though.

Click to Upgrade

Click Click Click

On December 4 in Torrance the Southern California CAB members had a great meet up at GM’s facility in Torrance. That’s written up on the GM Volt CAB site. While I was there one of the Volt engineers said, “We’ll see you this week to upgrade the software in your car.” That was exciting news, especially since the only problems I had with the car were with the center stack (entertainment, navigation and climate control with the touch-sensitive button area and the touch screen).

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So Far

OnStar Says...

This was the download from last Wednesday.

It does look like in this cold weather the range drops to a little over 30 miles. That still works for me, and it is almost never fifty degrees here in Southern California.

Most of the fuel-powered miles were driven by the GM folk that had the car before me. Even so, I would be pretty happy with 283 miles on every gallon. That means I would burn twenty-seven gallons on a year. I don’t want to be part of the oil equation anymore, but I know that we’ll probably have to back out of it a little at a time.

I think that more active management of the temperature of the pack would improve my range. There’s no reason the batteries have to be fifty degrees at the start of the day.


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